Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lucky Leprechaun craft

Ok, I had great intentions with this craft. I made a pattern and scanned it, and I threw away the original pieces without looking to see if they scanned properly (I know - get it together chick!). Anyway, when I went to share it, it's gone because today is trash day. So, I am just going to tell you this is super easy to make yourself, and you have to trust me. Cut a circle from white cardstock or construction paper (use a toddler plate for a template). Do the same for a piece of peach tissue paper. Cut a green hat from construction paper, and then cut a band and a buckle. I used lime green for the band, but black or white would work too. Cut an oval nose out of pink construction paper and two little black eyes. Then cut orange strips for the hair. I used a paper crimper to add texture, but you can leave it alone or fold your paper in accordian style. I like to outline stuff with a permanent marker, but that's completely unnecessary. Use your marker to add eyebrows and a whimsical mouth after you glue everything together. SO CUTE (as my 2 year olds like to say about them).

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