Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Craft Ideas - Knuffle Bunny craft

Just a few craft ideas from this week. The first one is a fingerpainted chick. Just have the kids fingerpaint a circle/oval shape on the paper, draw on some legs and a beak with an orange marker, add a yellow feather and a googly eye . . . so much for that, huh? I had my kids do their painting on a piece of white cardstock, and we glued that to a piece of orange construction paper (for a fun little border).
I love the way they all look different! I forgot to tell you that we added these little party hats. I had one who insisted on drawing a beak on the top of the chick's head, and then she changed her mind so we fixed it with a hat . . . then most of them wanted one. LOL. We work on ways to fix our mistakes without starting over or getting frustrated.
And next we have KNUFFLE BUNNY!!! This book was a hit, of course, because I have lots of kiddos with blankies and pacifiers! They could definitely relate to losing their security object.

Knuffle Bunny is a great story! Our craft is a dryer with Knuffle Bunny in it. To make it, cut the center out of a paper plate and paint that gray. Set aside to dry. Take a piece of wax paper and trace a paper plate on it. Cut just inside the line. I don't have the Knuffle Bunny template that I used, but you can free hand it. Make your bunny from construction paper and add the features. Glue the bunny to the wax paper and then staple on the back of the plate. Glue a black square on for the door. As much as I prefer cute little crafts, my kids LOVED this one because it gave them something to tell their parents. Many insisted on carrying them around all day - lol.

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  1. I love it! We got to meet Mo Willems at a book signing and he is amazig