Monday, February 8, 2010

Tissue paper flowers - Heart Collages

Tissue Paper Flowers

Supplies needed:

Tissue paper (in various colors)

small bowl or circle for tracing

hole punch

green pipe cleaner
You will be amazed at how easy and quick these little flowers come together. I used a small cereal bowl for my template. It was probably a 4 inch circle. You can do any size you want, but remember to use the appropriate size chenille stem/pipe cleaner to hold the weight. Cut out 10 circles per flower. You can use a solid color mix them - either way is cute.

Stack your 10 circles and punch two holes in the center approx. 1 inch apart. Thread your piper cleaner up through back and then back down through the other hole leaving approximately 1.5-2 inches of pipe cleaner and wrap around the stem tightly. Next, you will start with the top piece of tissue paper and fold in toward the center of the circle pinching the bottom of each piece as you go. Do this for each piece of tissue until you have reached the last piece. Crimp/pinch a little less with each piece, and you will have a gorgeous tissue paper flower. We wrapped our stems around our clothespin wall hangers so you can't see them in the pic, but you can add paper or pipe cleaner leaves. This is a great gift for parents, and it's adorable when used with other crafts. Put them in a vase or cup. Let a teddy bear or other paper animal craft hold the flower. Make a basket of these flowers. What are you going to do with yours?
I'm not going to give you a supply list on this one because it's up to you what you use. I personally used my Sizzix die cutter to cut out a supply of prim hearts in magenta, pink, hot pink, red, and purple. I let the kids glue the hearts to white paper however they wanted. Then we added some red glitter for extra interest. I always love doing collages because the kids get to be as creative as they want, and nobody ever has the same picture.

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