Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Teddy Bear Craft

Valentine Teddy Bear Craft
This craft takes a little time to prepare, and it's a little tedious for toddlers, but they were so cute when they were finished, and the kids really enjoyed making them. They have been telling me to look at them all day.Proudly displaying their teddy bears for a picture!
As always, right click on the pattern and save as. Open and print. Cut out as directed. The only extra information I can think of right now is that I used a permanent marker to make stitching marks on the inner ear, and I outlined the flower petals and flower center. Oh, and I used a circle punch to make black circles for the ladybug wings.
We glued in this order: dots on wings, wings on body, head, ears, inner ear, nose, eyes, hands, legs, feet, stem, leaf. Then we glued the petals on the flower center and attached that to the stem/hand. I let the kids draw their own mouth, but I helped with the line down from the nose, and I drew on the eye brows.

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