Thursday, January 21, 2010

Easy Walrus Arctic Animal Winter Preschool Craft

Walrus Paper Craft

Supplies Needed:
Brown, white, black construction paper
brown embroidery floss or yarn
black marker

This is a very easy craft for the kids to glue together with minimal help. The older kids can cut it out themselves and use the glue alone as well ("dot, dot, not a lot"). The yarn/embroidery floss whiskers may require some help. I glued three on each side, but you can also just glue them straight across below his nose. The pattern piece is below. Right click and save as picture. Then open and print. Cut out the body, head, and flippers from brown, the tusks and eyes from white, and the nose and eye center from black. I use circle punches for eyes. You can purchase these at a hobby or craft store (and probably even Walmart). Use a marker to draw on mouth and freckles/whisker holes. Have fun!

As you can see, our polar bear puppets are still a huge hit around here! They have been playing with them a lot, and they are so proud of them. They hang them back up when they aren't using them so they don't get torn up . . . . cute!

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