Monday, January 25, 2010

Fairytale Week - Monday - Three Little Pigs

It's time for another week of fun, and this time we are talking about some of our favorite fairytale classics. Today, we read The Three Little Pigs. Our centers for this week are:
Blocks - added fairytale characters from Billy Goats Gruff and Three Little Pigs
Sensory - Beans in the sand table (with some beanstalk activities as well)
Math - teacher assisted counting activites (how many pigs? how many ears do they have?)
Playdoh - Gingerbread playdoh and gingerbread cutters (buttons and ribbon to decorate)
Art - teacher assisted see daily project listed
Literacy - Working on name recognition (names are printed on princess dresses and knight outfits and hidden around the room for students to find each day.)
Dramatic Play - bowls, spoons, and yellow paper shreds to act out Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Today, we made a paper plate piggy. No pattern necessary because it's so easy.
Supplies needed: paper plate, pink paint (or red and white), paintbrush, pink paper, black paper, scissors, glue, and a circle punch if you have one.
Remember, I work with toddlers, and I believe in letting them CREATE - enough said! LOL.
Have your child(ren) paint the paper plate pink. If they are impatient, dry it with a hairdryer. Cut out an oval for the nose and two ears from pink construction paper. Punch out 4 black circles for the nostrils and eyes. Glue pieces on, and you are done! Cute and easy. . . . . my group loves to paint. Never underestimate the importance of getting messy! Don't be afraid of it!

I also made up some little pig ears from pink felt and hairclips ahead of time so they could act out the story while I read it. You can just cut them out and glue them on the clips and put them in their hair. This is one ADORABLE little piggy!

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