Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We are still learning about arctic animals so on to the polar bear! We played our musical iceberg game today to reinforce our color skills . . . FUN FUN! We waddled like penguins and crawled like polar bears from iceberg to iceberg.

Then we made this fun polar bear puppet craft. I didn't draw out the pattern because it's so easy. You will need:

1 styrofoam cup per child

1 piece of white construction paper or cardstock

scrap of black paper

black permanent marker

circle punch (1/2 inch) or scissors

hot glue gun and glue

school glue

Trace the large end of the cup onto your white paper, cut out (that's the head). Next, cut out a smaller oval for the mouth/nose area. Two ears and two arms from the white as well. Then punch out two black circles or use google eyes (my kids are bad about picking them off and putting them in their mouths so I don't use them often.) Have your child(ren) glue (with school glue) the nose/mouth, ears, and eyes onto the large circle. ADULT PART: Use the hot glue gun to attach the head and arms to the cup. Cute little puppet.

They are hard to see on the giant white clothespins, but we always hang our projects for the week up and take them home on Fridays. I have clothespins on each wall and hanging from the ceiling. The kids love to see their artwork hanging up and show their parents as they come in each day.

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