Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Daycare / Playroom / Craft Studio

Call it whatever you want, this is where I love to spend time! I figured since it's weekend, and I'm sitting here planning for a week of Fairytale Fun, I might share my space with you. My husband helped me update my room for Mother's Day last May, and I absolutely love it. Before, it had been a bright blue, a light blue, a brownish/green/tan color, and now for a fresh keylime green and bright colors (mainly pink, black, red, and green). I have it decorated with owls right now, but all of my wall art is handmade, so it was cheap and I can change the theme whenever I want. Pretty much everything in the room is handmade (curtains, desk, skirt, wall art, banners, magnet boards . . . ) My husband was very cooperative, and I appreciate him so much! I have wanted a craft space for such a long time, and now I am able to keep all of my supplies above my desk (out of reach of the toddlers). I hope you get some ideas for your space as well. I keep all of the daycare centers in the "closet" behind the curtain so we have plenty of space to play.

That t.v. has been moved to a better location since this photo was taken. I thought having it on the floor was a good idea . . . . um NOOOOOOOOO . . . they all fought because nobody could see.

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